Designer at Noor’s Alterations serves Bowling Green with her talent

Talented designer Wesal Muhi, who goes by Emmy, has been working and living in Bowling Green for four years ever since the International Center helped her move from Iraq.

However, her experience reaches back much further than four years. Muhi worked as a seamstress in Iraq for 30 years before moving to America. She says her family, specifically her mother and grandmother, were instrumental in her training. They showed her how to measure with only her hands. “I know what size you are just by looking at you,” she said.

I’m a designer,” Muhi said. Muhi  crafts custom dresses at Noor’s Alterations at 1027 Broadway, across the street from Taco Bell. “I design party dresses, bridle dresses, prom dresses,” Muhi said. “I have big students discounts.” Wesal Muhi often designs dresses for Muslim women and girls who aren’t able to easily find good clothing elsewhere in Bowling Green.

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 84,902 Iraqi refugees have arrived in the United States to start new lives.

When I asked Muhi if she overcame any challenges she said the International Center made things a lot easier. “The difficult part is the language,” Muhi said. Muhi holds down another job at Duke’s Sporting Goods. Between running her business and her second job, Muhi struggles to find time to take more English classes.

I asked Muhi what she likes most about her business. “I like all my business,” she said. “You have to love your job.”

If you are interested in learning more please call Emmy at (270-320-4976).


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