Iraqi Grocer caters to Bowling Green’s diverse palates

Visit any of the mainstream grocery stores in Bowling Green people use to stock their refrigerators and cabinets. Which ever one you pick it’s sure to have aisles and aisles of food and other items you find appealing. However, what if you eat according to certain rules? I don’t mean avoiding the powdered donuts, because you’re trying to drop a few pounds. I’m talking about rules or customs from your religion or culture? Would your favorite grocery store carry the things you need if you were from the Middle East or Southwest Asia? Where would you buy your food?

This is the case for Muslims who eat according to Halal, which means to honor Islamic rites and rules. Ghazwan Nahedh and his friends decided to do just that. “The area was in need of an international store,” said Ghazwan, an Iraqi refugee. “We found it a good opportunity.”

Nahedh, who used to teach physics at a university in Iraq, came to Bowling Green two years ago. The Bowling Green International Center helped Nahedh with his paperwork and resettlement. “Then from there I took care of myself,” said Nahedh. Nahedh worked in factories shortly after arriving. From there he and his friends decided to start a business that would cater to people looking for a piece of home. Together they shop as far away as Nashville, Tennessee and Michigan for diverse products.

Although Nahedh appreciates the opportunities in Bowling Green and America, he still misses his home. He hopes to return to Iraq someday if the issues with Al Qaeda can be resolved.


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